2017 China (Zhengzhou) International Water Equipment and Technology Exposition

          Event: 2017 China (Zhengzhou) International Water Equipment and Technology Exposition Venue: Central China International Expo Center (No.210, Zheng Bian Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province) Date: 2017.07.18-2017.07.20 Organizer Water Engineering Association Co-organizer Hydraulic Engineering Society of Henan Province Pump Industry Association of Henan Province Contractor Beijing Zhiwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd. [...]

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Comparisons of Pneumatic Ball Valves and Electric Ball Valves

(1) Pneumatic ball valves The pneumatic ball valve consists of the ball valve and the pneumatic actuator. It generally needs to be used in conjunction with accessories including the magnetic valve, air treatment FRL, limit switch, and positioner so as to be controlled remotely and locally as well as to be opened and closed in [...]

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Xinhai Valve Will Attend Valve World Expo 2016, 3A27

Event: Valve World Expo 2016 (10th Binennial Valve World Conference and Exhibition) Xinhai Valve Booth No.: 3A27 Date: November 29-December 1, 2016 Venue: Messe Düsseldorf, Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61 Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen 40474 Germany Website: http://www.valveworldexpo.com/ Xinhai Valve will attend Valve World Expo 2016 (10th Binennial Valve World Conference and Exhibition) which will be held from November 29-December 1, [...]

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Energy Demand Will Promote Industrial Valve Market

Valve is one of the key equipments in fluid control system. At present, the main applications of valve include petroleum and gas, power, chemical engineering, water supply and sewage treatment, paper making and metallurgy. Among that, oil & gas, power and chemical industry are the most important applications of valve. According to the prediction from [...]

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HVACR/PS Indonesia 2016

Date: November 23-25, 2016 Venue: Jakarta International Expo Center, Jakarta, Indonesia HVACR/PS Indonesia 2016 (International Exhibition on Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration) has already become the largest exhibition for pump, valve, compressor and related system in Southeast Asia, which occupies a decisive position on exhibition on exhibition market. It is also the dominant force leading [...]

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Control Valve Market Enhancing Digitization

Oil price fell again, causing negative effects on control valve market while China was stimulating domestic consumption to relieve descending range of control valve. With technology developing, control valve should not be limited on control function. It should develop to diversification, exploiting market.  Analysts review, “Although control valve suppliers are facing with some serious negative [...]

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Ball Valves Have a Good Prospect in Oil & Gas Industry

Ball valves have a good prospect in oil and gas industry, which has close relationship with concentration on energy around the world. According to analysis of Energy Information Administration, global energy consumption will rise to a high index. In the next 10~15 years, global energy consumption will increase by 44%. In such a large proportion, [...]

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Demands for Valves in Developing Countries Growing Highly

Insiders claim that the next few years will be a great shock for valves industry. The shock will expand the trend of polarization in valves’ brand. It is predict that in the next few years, there will be less valves manufacturers existing. However, the shock will bring more opportunities. The shock will make market operation [...]

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Oil Demands Decline Indicates Global Economic Growth Slow

Energy Aspects, a consulting company in London claims that the substantial decline of oil demands is a leading indicator that global economic growth slows down. The new GDP published by Europe and Japan also proves that. For the weak demands of European and Asian oil refineries and the falling risks of geopolitics felt by market, [...]

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Nigerian President Appealed to Increasing Gas Supply

It is reported that recently, Jonathan, Nigerian President appealed to increasing gas supply, because insufficient gas has already raised the costs of manufacturers and threatened the policy that the government controls prices. In Nigeria, gas is main fuel used to generate electricity by most of enterprises. On last Friday, Dangote Cement plc the largest enterprise [...]

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