• bellows sealed globe valve

Bellows sealed globe valve

The bolted bonnet type valves are manufactured to guarantee the highest performance in the widest spectrum of oil and gas applications


Bellows sealed globe valve

These high quality valves are installed in a large variety of services in the oil and gas field, chemical and petrochemical industry, in onshore and offshore drilling/refining, and in the power industry. These valves are successfully installed worldwide on applications requiring tight shutoff. XHVAL provides more globe vlaves for your unique application.


  • Robust valve body in a wide range of materials (NACE compliance included).

  • Threaded seat rings facilitate maintenance and/or replacement. On request, they can also be supplied as tack or seal welded. Above NPS 12 the seats are seal welded as standard.

  • Connections are offered as flanged or special, such as clamp type, to meet any customers’ request.

  • Manufactured according to the requirements of ASME B16.34 and BS1873.

  • Seats are welded in.