XHVAL GROUP VALVE CO., LTD. is located in Wenzhou City, China. established in 1986, engaged in professional valve development, manufacture and sale of professional valve manufacturers, with two subsidiaries; and sub-brand (XHVAL).

The enterprise is orientated towards clients’ satisfaction; in this way, it adapts its valves to your requirements and delivers them in deadlines rigorously established. The technical and human staff, highly qualified, works every day in order to offer you the most innovative solutions and to strengthen the commitment with the customers.


 We produce industrial valves including gate valvescheck valvesglobe valvesball valvesbutterfly valvesplug valvesstrainers and cast iron valves. The valves are manufactured according to ANSI, API, DIN, GOST, BS, JIS, China GB standards and customer specific requirements. Our products have been sold worldwide for a wide range of applications in natural gas, oil, oil refining, chemical, marine, power generation and pipeline transportation industries.

The members of the staff of XINHAI VALVE are very rigorous with the reliability and the quality of the products.
For this reason, as a manufacturer of valves, our missions are:

Quality Assurance

To subject our products to quality assurance controls

Punctual delivery

To comply with the established delivery dates and the expected quality in each supply

Custom service

To offer a customized and value added service to our customers

Product design

To make further progress in the design and manufacture of our products.


International quality management system, access to CE ISO 9001: 2008NIGCEAC and TSAZ certification. In addition, the new sea has established a multi-functional physical chemistry laboratory, continuous quality supervision, equipped with a spectrum analyzer, portable spectrometer (PMI), material testing machine, impact testing machine, hardness tester, tensile testing machine, thickness gauge, magnetic particles Tester, escape launch tester and NDE test equipment.

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