• flanged check valve

Flanged Check Valve

Flanged check valve in different dimensions and different materials like cast steel, stainless steel, forged steel can be found in XHVAL.


Flanged Check Valve

A check valve with flanged ends means it can easily connect to pumps and pipes. It can also be a convenient way to complete a system by fitting several pipes together. There are different types of flange connections, namely threaded, blind, lap-joint, slip-on, welded-neck, and socket-welded.

Depending on the system and application, a flanged check valve can be made from stainless steel, high-alloy steel, non-ferrous steel, low-alloy steel, and low-carbon steel.

This valve is widely used in water and wastewater systems, gas and petroleum applications, and transport services. It can also be found in other industries, such as power generation, chemical fertilizers, and chemicals.