• Industrial pipeline wedge gate valve with rubber wedge on a white background

Flanged Gate Valve

XHVAL manufactures flanged gate valves in different dimensions for various applications.


Flanged Gate Valve

As its name implies, a flanged gate valve is a gate valve with flanged end connections. This connection type is both simple to install and uninstall in pipelines. For this reason, a flanged end is widely used in industrial valves. Furthermore, a flanged end provides easy access to inspection, cleaning, and readjustments.

This valve is made from strong materials, such as aluminum, bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, forged steel, and even plastic. However, depending on the application, this valve can be made from more complex materials. Some examples are low carbon steel, high-alloy steel, and non-ferrous steel.

Industries that commonly use it include transport, water and wastewater treatment, petroleum, gas, and chemicals. Depending on the make of the flanged gate valve, it can also be used in chemical fertilizer processing and power generation.