One Piece Floating Ball Valve

One Piece Floating
Ball Valve

A range of one piece reduced bore, flanged, free floating (seat supported) ball valves, incorporating mounting flanges to BS EN ISO 5211, featuring soft, metal and carbon seated designs.

Introduction of One Piece Floating Ball Valve

There are two separate designs within the one-piece Ultra-Seal range, depending upon valve

A one-piece floating ball valve is a bi-directional shut-off valve used to control fluid flow systems. It is effective for low to medium temperature and pressure applications. This is supported by an anti-static and anti-blow-out stem design. It can, nevertheless, be customized to suit some cryogenic functions as well.  

The design comprises 3 main connected parts; the actuator, the stem, and the floating ball. They work in sequence and are housed in a one-piece body. When the actuator is turned, the stem turns as well and subsequently rotates the floating ball to either open or restrict flow. The floating ball is cushioned by elastomeric seats with seal rings which ensure that the shut-off mechanism is leak proof.

Floating ball valves can have a full-bore or a partial bore, depending on the application and the level of control that is required. They may also vary slightly in design based on stipulated industrial regulations. Some like the API 6D floating ball valves are specifically designed for pipelines and can only be produced by a certified floating ball valve manufacturer like XHVAL.

  • One piece reduced bore body, flanged construction in carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys.
  • Compact body design with minimum weight and elimination of potential leak path.
  • Designed in accordance with ASME B16.34, BS EN ISO 17292 and ISO 14313/API 6D.
  • Floating ball design for bi-directional shut-off.
  • Flexing soft seat design for superior shut-off across a range of pressures with minimum operating torque.
  • Low temperature and cryogenic designs for service down to -196°C available on request.
  • Spring energized metal and carbon seat designs permitting tight shut-off and positive cavity pressure relief.
  • Fused hard nickel alloy, chromium carbide or tungsten carbide coated seat and ball designs for abrasive and high temperature service.
  • Hard carbon seat design for medium temperature applications.
  • High integrity shaft seal minimizing the potential for atmospheric leakage.
  • Fugitive emission performance to BS EN ISO 15848-2 class A.
  • Corrosion resistant trim. Standard valves incorporate balls and shafts of stainless steel for long service life.
  • Fire test certified. All sizes and pressure ratings are covered by approved certification.
  • Anti-static and blow-out proof shaft design.
  • Most designs offer cavity pressure relief to upstream in event of thermal expansion.
  • Could be integrated into a SIL 3 environment safety instrumented system.
Industrial Applications

Water storage systems – a floating ball valve for automatic water level control opens and shuts off the flow of water from a reservoir depending on the water level. This prevents overflows in the storage system and shortages of water on the supply end. 

Gas lines – API floating ball valves are suitable for application in gas lines as they have impervious seals. This not only controls the flow of gas but also prevents it from getting contaminated by other elements outside of the pipeline.

SIL 3 Operations – due to the efficiency of a floating ball valve in cutting off the flow of media, it is ideal for critical operations where quick-response emergency shut-off measures are required.

Pressure relief– a floating ball valve can be employed to provide pressure relief in pipeline systems that require an outlet when pressure levels rise to unmanageable levels.

one piece float ball valve
Valve Size1“–10”
Pressure Class150LB–600LB, PN10–PN64
MaterialsWCB, A105, LF2, F316, WC6, WC9, WCC, CF8, CF3, CF3M, CF8M, 4A, 5A
Design and Manufacturing StandardsAPI 6D, API 608,ASME B16.34,ISO 17292,BS5351,
Face to Face StandardsASME B16.10, BS 558, BS12982, ISO 5752
Flange Dimension StandardsASME B 16.5, ASME B16.47, ASME B16.25, ASME B16.11, BS 12627
Pressure Test StandardsAPI598 API 6D BS12569
Fire Safety Test StandardsAPI 6FA API 607
Quality/Product CertificationsISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001
Fugitive EmissionsISO 15848-1, API 622
Valve operator optionsHandwhel, Worm Gear, Electric actuator, Pneumatic actuator, Hydraulic Actuator.
Shutoff ClassAPI 598 (Zero Leakage), API 6D
BoreFull Bore, Reduced Bore
Process Connection TypesSW, NPT, BW , RF, RTJ


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