Socket Weld Gate Valve

Socket Weld Gate Valve

XHVAL supplies gate valves for applications in which leakage should not happen.

Introduction of Socket Weld Gate Valve

A socket weld gate valve has end connections that are socketed so the pipes have smooth spigot ends. This structure is common in steel gate valves designed to handle high temperatures and pressures. 

A socket weld connection is generally for valves that connect to pipes with small diameters. The pipings should only be NPS 2 or lower. It is also a good and cost-effective alternative for threaded connections.

Since it guarantees leak-proof, this gate valve is used in applications that deal with toxic, flammable, or costly media where no leakage should happen. In some cases, it is also used for steam with pressure between 300 and 600 PSI.


Pressure:Between 300 and 600 PSI
Applications:Toxic, flammable, or costly media where no leakage should happen

Product Details

GOST gate valve

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