• Tripple eccentric butterfly valve

Tripple eccentric butterfly valve

With a robust integral-to-body valve seat and optimized seating angles, this valve is capable of handling isolation and process control through multiple functionalities. Find more well-performanced butterfly valves here in XHVAL.


Tripple eccentric butterfly valve

Suitable for handling the broadest range of fluids in oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, coal, desalination, waterworks, food & beverage industries. Also for solar, geothermal and hydro power, fossil fuels, district heating, mining, shipyards and the aerospace sectors. Fluids Series 30,000 valves are suitable for processes containing: Crude oil; jet fuel; kerosene; gasoline; acid gas; sour gas; natural gas; syngas; carbon dioxide; flare gas; tail gas; ethylene; ethylene glycol; ethylbenzene; butadiene; styrene; hydrogen; oxygen; nitric, acrylic, sulphuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, acetic acid; hydrogen peroxide; alcohols; ammonia; amines; chlorine; vinyl chloride; steam; geothermal steam; heat transfer fluids; flue gas; coke oven gas; potable water; sea water; waste water.


  • Robust and fire-resistant all-metal construction.

  • Stellite® grade 21 seat overlays provide excellent durability.

  • Resilient metal seal ring ensures perfect seating force distribution around precision-machined seat circumference.

  • Easily replaceable multi-layered duplex and graphite seal rings.

  • Robust one-piece shaft designed to transfer/maintain torque efficiently.

  • Two-piece packing gland and graphite packing minimize external emission risk.

  • Key secured shaft-to-disc connection for maximum shaft integrity.

  • Heavy duty bearings withstand high pressure loads and wear.

  • Braided graphite bearing protectors prevent dirt intrusion, ensuring constant running torque and valve operability.

  • Internal and external shaft extrusion risk handling complies with international standards.

  • Flange spot facing ensures bolting nut and washer planarity, increasing joint reliability and safety.

  • Open/closed disc references and external disc position indicator simplify installation/removal procedures to API 609.

  • Spiral wound gaskets, seal and packing rings replaceable with no special tools.