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Weld Check Valve

XHVAL manufactues durable weld check valves used in high pressure and high temperature conditions.


Weld Check Valve

There are two types of weld check valves – the socket weld and the butt weld. 

A socket weld check valve has a recessed area where the pipe will be inserted. It does not require to be beveled, making installation and welding easier than the butt weld type. This type of check valve has less strength and is only used for small pipelines with sizes of NPS 2 and below.

Meanwhile, a butt weld check valve is a one-piece body that is welded at the end of the pipes. The end of the check valve must be beveled. This means that the valve and the pipes must have the same thickness. This type of check valve has excellent strength and is used to handle fatigue, corrosion, and severe temperatures.  Because of its durability, a butt weld check valve is used in high-temperature and high-pressure pipelines.