Y-pattern globe valve

Y-pattern Globe Valve

Introduction of Y-pattern Globe Valve

This globe valve is made with a seat and stem that are angled approximately 45°C to the center of the pipeline. The y pattern is intended to decrease the flow resistance of the globe valve. Therefore, this valve type is ideal for applications that require enhanced flow capacity and little to no leakage. 

Also called a wye globe valve, it is also used in demanding applications where pressure drop is a controlling factor. It is often used to throttle flow in operations in the oil and gas, chemical, and power industries. XHVAL provides more globe vlaves for your unique application.


Design and Manufacturing StandardsAPI602, ASME 16.34, BS 5352, BS 6364;
Face to Face StandardsAPI 602
Flange Dimension StandardsSW Socket welding ends according to ASME B16.11, BW butt end by ASME B16.25, NPT threaded connectors according to ASME B1.20.1
Pressure Test StandardsAPI 598
Fire Safety Test Standards
Quality/Product CertificationsISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001;
Fugitive EmissionsISO 15848-1, API 622;
Shutoff ClassAPI 598 (Zero Leakage), API 6D

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