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2017 China (Zhengzhou) International Water Equipment and Technology Exposition

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Event: 2017 China (Zhengzhou) International Water Equipment and Technology Exposition
Venue: Central China International Expo Center (No.210, Zheng Bian Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province)
Date: 2017.07.18-2017.07.20

Water Engineering Association

Hydraulic Engineering Society of Henan Province
Pump Industry Association of Henan Province

Beijing Zhiwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Irrigation & Drainage: pumps, valves, pipes, etc.
Water Saving: industrial water saving techniques, agricultural water saving techniques, service industry water saving techniques, etc.
Water Supply & Water Treatment: water supply equipment, potable water system, water purification and disinfection equipment, etc.
Hydrology & Water Resources: hydrological monitoring, water quality monitoring, online monitoring technology and equipment, etc.
Gate, Hoist, etc.
Construction Machinery: lifting machines, digging machines, piling machines, etc.
Water Diversion: pipelines, pumps, crack treatment, etc.
New Technology & New Material: ecological landscape design, dredging works, hydraulic ecological materials, etc.

2017 China (Zhengzhou) International Water Equipment and Technology Exposition
Since China’s reform and opening up policy, the accelerating process of urbanization brings about the growing importance in the water industry. In these days, a good situation of China’s water industry is taking shape with strengthened government regulation, improved policies and regulations, diversified investment and capital operation subjects, developments of engineering technologies, more reasonable distributions of water supply networks, enhanced water supply capacities, the further marketized and industrialized water industry as well as the growth and developments of the enterprise in the water industry.

As the core of not only the public service of Chinese government but also the modernization of the Chinese water industry, the water industry is the vital part of urban city’s modernization and the essential guarantee of the sustainable development of economy and society in China, which is the guide industry and the basic industry affecting the overall situation of China’s national economic development, and plays a vital role in the development of the national economy and the improvement of living standards of people.

With further progress of water industry restructuring in China, the water industry shows trends of the industrialization of the service, the marketization of the operation and the intensification of the management.

Nowadays, the capital operation of China’s water industry is still in research and practice with different operation patterns. This requires Chinese water enterprises to enhance their core competencies according to their own conditions as well as the local investment situation of the water industry through learning from the previous experience of capital operation in the Chinese water industry and making full use of all kinds of capital with the support of the Chinese government.

Zhengzhou City, the core of the central plain economic zone, the capital of Henan Province-a major agricultural province in China, has a unique market power in the Chinese water industry. It is foreseeable that holding the exhibition in Zhengzhou will have a great and positive impact on the development of the Chinese water industry and the promotion of Chinese water market.



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