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Demands for Valves in Developing Countries Growing Highly

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Insiders claim that the next few years will be a great shock for valves industry. The shock will expand the trend of polarization in valves’ brand. It is predict that in the next few years, there will be less valves manufacturers existing. However, the shock will bring more opportunities. The shock will make market operation more rational.
Global valve markets mainly concentrate in countries or zones having highly developed economy or industry. Based on data from McIlvaine the most important 10 valves consumers in the world was China, the U.S., Japan, Russia, India, Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Korea and the U.K.. Among that, market in China, the U.S. and the Japan which were located at the top three was 8.847 billion USD, 8.815 billion USD and 2.668 billion USD respectively. In terms of regional markets, East Asia, North America and West Europe are the three largest valves market around the world. Recent years, demands for valves in developing countries (China as representative) and the Middle East grow highly, beginning to take place of EU and North America to become the new engine for globe valve industry growth. 
By 2015, market size of industrial valves in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) will reach to 1.789 billion USD, 2.767 billion USD, 2.860 billion USD and 10.938 billion USD, 18.354 billion USD in total, increasing by 23.25% compared with 2012. The total market size will account for 30.45% of global market size. As traditional oil exporter, the Middle East also expands to the downstream industries of oil and gas industry through new-built oil refining programs which drives large number of demands for valve products.
The main reason that valve market in developing countries expands rapidly is that high growth of economic aggregate in those countries drives oil and gas, power, chemical industry and other downstream industries of valve to develop, stimulate the demands for valves further.

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