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An Exclusive Range of Non Return Valves Announced

Philamc, a professional manufacturer providing some of the best valves, now announces an exclusive range of non return valves. The non return valves are designed to allow the fluids to flow in one direction. These valves are equipped to work over a wide range of operational pressures. The non return valves available at prevent back-flow in a water transfer system, also provided by Philamc. The best part of the non return valves is that these valves are easy to install and utilized with its excellent characteristic of durability, reliability and strength. These valves are suitable for utilizing under Australian conditions.
A spokesperson states, “The Australian made non return valves are manufactured based on the highest quality materials to guarantee years of reliable service. For the simple movement of a piston, the valve is designed to allow water to flow in one direction only to avoid loss of water, prevent backflow and make sure pipelines do not drain. The non return valve is designed to keep pumps primed. Backed by a full range of spare parts, Philmac’s commitment to customer service and over 20 years in the field this indestructible valve is one that you can rely on and trust.”
The non return valves are fast and easy to install. The non return valves are deigned to work in vertical and horizontal position. This helps in flexible installation of the valves. The non return valves have BSP inlet threads the ensure compatibility with other threaded fittings and also makes the installation of the valves easy. The body of the non return valves has been clearly marked with arrows to indicate the direction of the flow of water. These valves have been manufactured from advanced thermoplastic materials that have an excellent impact, are corrosion resistant and UV rays resistant. The materials used for the non return valves are non toxic and taint free.
“Valves play an important part in the performance, management and control of water quality, flow, and pressure within a pipe system. Philmac manufactures a broad range of valves. Each valve is designed to cater for an array of applications. Whatever you require high flow, high shutoff, compact size, plastic or metal, tapered or parallel threads, above or below water installation-Philmac has a valve to fit every application. As global requirement for efficient and versatile water management product grows, so too does Philmac. Philmac currently exports to more than 30 countries across a number of markets.  Products provided by Philmac such as foot valves, poly ball valves and non return valves are the most welcomed product on the market”, states a spokesperson.

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