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HVACR/PS Indonesia 2016

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Date: November 23-25, 2016
Venue: Jakarta International Expo Center, Jakarta, Indonesia
HVACR/PS Indonesia 2016 (International Exhibition on Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration) has already become the largest exhibition for pump, valve, compressor and related system in Southeast Asia, which occupies a decisive position on exhibition on exhibition market. It is also the dominant force leading the market in Southeast Asia. It is toured across Southeast Asia every year. For the demands for pump, valve, compressor and related system in Indonesia growing gradually, scale of the exhibition is also expanding constantly.
Among the rich industrialized countries and main emerging markets around the world, Indonesia is a country which has the thirds highest rate of economic growth, and also the 18th economy. Various opportunities exist in Asia for pump valve suppliers. For example, in Indonesia, the power consumption is estimated to grow by 5 times by 2030. The demand has significant influences on pump industry. New infrastructures require abundant sources supplying. The demands on fluid mechanical equipment system market in Indonesia are also growing constantly. The Indonesian government pays high attention on mining, textile, light industry and sewage treatment. To keep pace with other Asian countries, the highly growing industry in Indonesia will increase the huge demands for fluid pump, valve and compressor. Investments on new fluid technology will also become an arduous task. To meet these requirements, HVACR/PS Indonesia 2016 is a place where international manufacturers and compression system suppliers show the newest system and technical status to their target customers, end users and related business circles in Asia. HVACR/PS Indonesia 2016 is the best platform for fluid mechanical manufacturing industry establishing target business network.
Scope of exhibits
1. Pumps:
Centrifuge rinsing pump (boiler feed pump, hot water pump, circulating pump for cold and hot water, condensation pump, drainage pump); chemical pump, noncorrosive pump; petrochemical process pump (process pump, centrifugal oil pump); well pump, submersible electric pump (deep-well pump, submersible electric pump, submersible sewage pump, noncorrosive submersible electric pump); mixed-flow pump (diagonal flow pump), axial flow pump, peripheral pump; inline pump, self-priming pump, submerged pump; fire pump, air-conditioning pump, marine pump, food pump; magnetic drive pump, shield pump; trash pump (sewage pump, non-clogging pump, slurry pump, slush pump, sand pump, trash pump, pulp pump); vacuum pump (water ring vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump); reciprocating pump; rotary pump; metering pump, hydraulic test pump;
2. Compressor:
Gas compressor and equipment, compressor and equipment for oil production and smelting; compression equipment for polymeric material manufacturing and paper industry, compression equipment for chemical fertilizer production, compression equipment for mining industry, compression equipment for cooling and air-conditioning equipment; compression technique, pneumatic tool; auxiliary equipment;
3. Valve:
Industrial pipe valves: valve for energy, cryogenic valve, oil gas valve, valve for chemical industry valve, valve for water supply and sewage treatment, valve for large project, valve for metallurgy, valve for see, valve for paper and thick liquid, valve drive gear, valve seal and gasket;
Household valves: valve for public facilities; valve for bathroom and other home applications; valve for water supply and sewer; valve for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning;
Valves for engineering construction: valve for water supply in construction; valve for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in building; valve for internal gas cycle; valve for fire safety; valve for containers and barrels;
4. Drive gear and engine:
Standard drive gear, energy engine, hydraulic driving and accessories, pneumatic driving, reduction gear, clutch, brake, bearing, driving belt, control wiring, controlling and measuring system, accessories, fasteners, other equipment and element, installation, debugging, maintenance service, development and authentication institution;
5. Pipe fitting, flange and sealing product
Fluid, hydraulic and pneumatic component; online controlling system and instrument, water quality testing and analytical instrument, filtration equipment, environmental protection equipment, water treatment system and equipment, sewage treatment equipment.

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