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Full Valve Size Chart List for Your Right Valve Dimension – XHVAL

Regardless of the type of valve, ensuring that you purchase the right size and dimension is necessary to guarantee flow efficiency in your application. The size affects the amount of pressure the valve can support, which may affect the flow rate and control in turn. Finding the right size can save you costs and earn you good returns on investment. 

Valve Sizing

A general practice to determine the correct valve size is to use the equation Q = Cv√(ΔP/G), where Q is the capacity in gallons per minute, Cv is the valve flow coefficient, ΔP is the pressure differential in pound per square inch, and G is the specific gravity of the fluid. 

Manufacturers typically have a list of valve flow coefficients for all the models and dimensions of their industrial valves. By finding the Cv required for your application, you can choose a suitable valve size. 

Valve Codes and Standards

DIN valve standards

DIN valve standards, set by the Deutsches Institut für Normung, are more commonly known as German valve standards. Common standards include DIN EN 488, DIN EN, and more, varying depending on the application type.

BS valve standards

BS valve standards are set by the British Standards Institution, the national standards authority of the United Kingdom. Types include BS 1212 for ball valves, BS 1414 for gate valves, and others.

ISO valve standards

ISO valve standards, published by the International Organization for Standardization, define the qualifications required for designs, functionality, and other aspects of industrial valves. 

ASME valve standards

ASME valve standards are set and regulated by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. These standards may detail the pressure and temperature ratings of certified industrial valves. 

Ball Valve Size Dimension Chart

ball valve size dimension chart
ball valve size dimension chart

Image Source: Pekos

Size (Class 150)DLEFGHS
1-inch ball valve dimensions251271086011318556
2-inch ball valve dimensions501781528415330092
3-inch ball valve dimensions80203191114205355101
4-inch ball valve dimensions100229229128220355114
6-inch ball valve dimensions150394279175284680165
8-inch ball valve dimensions200457343245362750228
10-inch ball valve dimensions250533406285

What is a standard ball valve size? Depending on the valve class you select, the ball valve standard dimensions will vary. For example, valve diameters may go from 15 to 600 millimeters (mm) for those categorized under Class 150. 

If you’re asking the question “How do I know what ball valve size I need?”, referring to the size of your hose or pipe is one way to do it. For instance, a two-inch ball valve may be suitable for a two-inch hose. But this may not be true for reduced bore ball valve dimensions. 

On how to measure ball valve sizes, you should consider measuring their diameters. Usually, markings like DNXX can be found on the valves. DN stands for nominal diameter, followed by the valve’s diameter size in mm.

Butterfly Valve Size/Dimension Chart

butterfly valve size dimension chart
butterfly valve size dimension chart

Image Source: Robert-JamesSales, Inc.

3-inch butterfly valve dimensions10-11/1663-11/161-7/85-7/880.5613-1/49/32665/8-11437-1/23
4-inch butterfly valve dimensions1374-13/162-1/86-15/16110.6863-1/49/3267-1/25/8-11849-1/83
6-inch butterfly valve dimensions15-3/167-15/165-7/82-1/48-3/4110.8113-1/49/3269-1/23/4-108611-1/43
8-inch butterfly valve dimensions17-3/49-3/166-15/162-1/211160.9364-3/417/321011-3/43/4-108813-3/43
10-inch butterfly valve dimensions20-1/210-1/28-3/82-13/1613-3/8161.1234-3/417/321014-1/47/8-91210163
12-inch butterfly valve dimensions23-1/212-1/69-13/163-1/816161.2474-3/417/3210177/8-91212193
24-inch butterfly valve dimensions40-3/161917-7/166-1/828-1/437-1/22429-1/21-1/4-72023-1/432

What is the nominal size of butterfly valves? The most common size configurations available on the market go from 2 to 36 or 60 inches. DN100 butterfly valve dimensions are some of the most common, as well as lug-type butterfly valve bolt lengths. 

Gate Valve Size & Dimension Chart

gate valve size dimension chart
gate valve size dimension chart

Image Source: Bonney Forge

Size (in mm)LL2WW1HH1A
2-inch gate valve dimensions215.9231.65200430
3-inch gate valve dimensions282.45298.45250555
4-inch gate valve dimensions304.8320.55250620
6-inch gate valve dimensions403.35419.1350305805835220
8-inch gate valve dimensions419.1434.8540030510051035220
12-inch gate valve dimensions501.65517.450046014651479267
24-inch gate valve dimensions11431165.3590061028372667411

Measuring a gate valve involves knowing its hole-to-hole dimensions, stem height, valve travel, and other measures. By gathering this data, you can accurately select the correct gate valve for your application. 

Globe Valve Size Dimension Chart

globe valve size dimension chart
globe valve size dimension chart

Image Source: Rache Process

Size (in mm)LHW
2-inch globe valve203340225
3-inch globe valve241419302
4-inch globe valve292441325
6-inch globe valve406610451
8-inch globe valve495679549

When picking a globe valve, knowing its Cv rating, or its flow coefficient, would be of help. This is the amount of water in gallons per minute that flows through a valve at 20° C and 1 PSI. If you don’t know what a globe valve looks like, a good indicator would be its slightly spherical shape. 

Foot Valve Size Dimension Chart

 foot valve size dimension chart
foot valve size dimension chart

Image Source: Irrigation Direct

Size (in mm)ABCDE
3-inch foot valve76185 (260)14618250 (230)
4-inch foot valve101215 (260)17818280 (280)
6-inch foot valve152280 (330)23518360 (340)
8-inch foot valve203335 (385)29218400 (390)
10-inch foot valve254405 (530)35622440 (590)

What size foot valve do I need? The rule of thumb in the industry is to select a valve one size bigger than that of the pump discharge pipe. For example, a suitable foot valve for a 4-inch pipe would be a 6-inch foot valve. 

Float Valve Size Dimension Chart

float valve size dimension chart
float valve size dimension chart

Image Source: Z-Tide Valve

Float valve sizeFloat thread sizeFloat ball sizeFloat ball thread size
1-inch float valve1 1/4 inches8 inches7/16
2-inch float valve2 1/4 inches12 inches5/8

When selecting a float ball size, it’s important to know the speed of draining and filling of your tank. The rule of thumb is that the faster the rate is, the larger the float ball that you would need to purchase. 

Solenoid Valve Size Dimension Chart

Image Source: 


No date found for solenoid valve.

Selecting a solenoid valve is highly dependent on the flow factor, known in the industry as Kv, which details the amount of water passing through the solenoid valve in 60 seconds at room temperature and 1 bar. 

Check Valve Size Dimension Chart

check valve size dimension chart
check valve size dimension chart

Image Source: Process Systems

Size (in mm)DCGTLHN-M
4-inch check valve dimensions229190.515723.92921968-19
5-inch check valve25421618623.93302028-22

Check valves do come in varying configurations, so selecting one that fits your application matters. But what size check valve do I need? To measure the ideal one with the check valve sizing calculation, you must know the floor velocity needed to lift its disc. After this, determine the average flow velocity in your pipes, ensuring that it’s either higher or equivalent to the minimum velocity of the valve.

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