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Best 5 Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Italy

Butterfly valve at the connection hdpe pipe and ppr pipe

Of the five major manufacturers of industrial valves in Europe, Italy stands as the largest valve producer for oil and gas. The country also holds 8% of the total market for butterfly valves. In 2016, Italy is the third largest exporter of industrial valves after China and Germany. In this article, you are presented information about the top 5 butterfly valve manufacturers in Italy so you have more options when choosing the right kind of butterfly valve.


Mei valve logo

Mei Valvole is a butterfly valve manufacturer producing industrial valves for over thirty years. The valves the company produces are in accordance with the European Union directives. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Their butterfly valve lines are grouped into four: the red, white, green and black lines. Each of these product lines contains specific butterfly valves suited for specific industries and services.

The red line includes butterfly valves for marine, oil and gas, petrochemical and water treatment services. The green line has butterfly valves for the wine, chemical, and food industries. The white line has hygienic butterfly valves for beer manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications. Lastly, the black line has butterfly valves suited for high-temperature applications.



GEP Valves has been in the industrial valve manufacturing business for the last 20 years. Started in Busalla near Genoa, GEP Valves has met EU and international standards. Its valves are CE marked, ATEX certified and PED approved. Member of the CISQ Federation, the valves of the company are suited for oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, power, food and water applications, and services. It holds an ISO 90001:2008 certificate.

The company offers eccentric, triple eccentric and concentric butterfly valves. These can have soft or metal seats. The soft seats can be made in EPDM, NBR, VITO or PTFE. The pressure ratings range from ANSI Class 150, Class 300 and Class 600.


Eredi baitelli logo

Eredi Baitelli SPA was established in 1945. The company has been custom manufacturing several kinds of turned parts for a number of industries such as firearms, automotive and plumbing and heating, valves among others.

As a custom manufacturer, Eredi produces several kinds of materials including all kinds of brass alloys, special alloys such as eco brass and cuphin. The company also offers anti-dezincification alloys as well as stainless steel and aluminum. The company provides special surface treatments and these include anodization, chrome plating in standard and trivalent types, controlled hardness annealing, nickel plating and so much more.  


I.T.E. logo

I.T.E. is an industrial valve manufacturer that supplies different kinds of industrial valves to the local and international markets. The products that the company carries include valves, instrument manifolds, condensation barrels, and the likes. Based in Ossago Lodogiano, Lodi. The company specializes in plumbing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, and hydraulic industries.

Its valves can reach the 8mm diameters on customized butterfly valves and 4mm on standard ones. The wetted parts follow the NACE standards. The valves have the standard pressure of 6,00psi and maximum optimum pressure of 10,000psi. The valve bodies are tagged with a casting number so these are easily traceable for maintenance and repair.



Valvomec has more than 90 years of manufacturing industrial valves made of bronze and precision machining of mechanical components. All the valves are certified under UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Certification and TUV Nord for the production of cryogenic valves.  Valvomec 


There is a higher demand for industrial valves worldwide and there are manufacturers ready to take the challenge. Butterfly valve suppliers in America and China can also provide high quality valve for you. You can also find more great suppliers here in this complete guide to valve manufacturers in China.

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