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Top 5 Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in the USA

Butterfly Valve Cooling Tower Piping

The market is saturated with industrial valve manufacturers that looking for a reputable can be daunting. Factors such as high cost of valves, difficulty to find resources or quality issues can dampen your search for the right butterfly valve.

This article lists the top butterfly valves manufacturers found in the United States so you won’t have to search on your own. We have provided pertinent information so you can choose the right product.

#1 Flowserve

Flowserve Corporation logo

Flowserve is a manufacturer of industrial products which include butterfly valves. Founded more than 200 years ago, the company focuses on oil, gas, water, chemical industries, among others. With its headquarters in Irving,  Texas, it operates in more than 50 countries. 

Flowserve offers two kinds of butterfly valves. These are the high-performance butterfly valve and the lined butterfly valve. The high-performance butterfly valve line includes the Big Max BX2001, an all-purpose valve designed for chemicals, water, and oil and gas industries. The range of the valve diameters is between 2inches to 36 inches with ANSI Class 150 and Class 300. The seating material can either be soft or metal.

The lined butterfly valves the company produces targets the more demanding services such as corrosive chemical applications. The BTV lined butterfly valve can withstand up to 150 psi with PFA, UHMWPE or Sentinel seating material. On the other hand, the Slimseal type has a pressure class range of PN29 and it can reach NPS 24 size with Nitrite, EPDM, Viton, and White Nitrite seating materials.

#2 Milwaukee Valve

Milwaukee Valve logo

Milwaukee Valve has its headquarters in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Founded in 1901, Milwaukee Valve has a full line of industrial products that includes several types of butterfly valves. Its high-performance valves have sizes ranging from 2-½ inches to 24 inches for the Class 150 ratings. 

For its Class 300, valve size can range from 2-½ inches to 16 inches. This line includes a one-piece stem with stainless steel metal seal and reinforced PTFE bearings.

The company’s resilient valves are lined with rub with either a wafer or full-log body type, which ranges up to 48 inches. The iron butterfly valves are lined with phenolic-reinforced liners and blowout systems. All butterfly valves can come with electric or pneumatic actuators.

Milwaukee Valve is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certified.


#3 Anvil International, Inc.

Anvil logo

Anvil International, Inc was founded in 1800. It now has headquarters Portsmouth, New Hampshire. An ISO 9001:2000 certified, Anvil International manufactures a wide array of industrial valves, pipings and fittings. The company is also a distributor of industrial products. It is certified ISO 9001:2015, API Spec Q1, ISO 9001:2008 and ASME N-type company.

The company has an extensive line of butterfly valves, often designed to suit pipings that the company also offers. The pressure rating range of the company’s valves is from 200 psi to 300 psi. The rubber-lined type is coated with EPDM or Nitrile material. The materials for the valve bodies can include ductile iron lined with epoxy. The valve size can range can be up to 12inches.

#4 Crane Co.

Crane logo

Crane Co., an industrial engineered manufacturer, is based in Stamford, Connecticut. Founded in 1855, it now has four business segments, in one of which the butterfly valve belongs to. The company takes pride in the value of corporate citizenship as part of their marketing.

Crane offers triple offset butterfly valves for high-temperature applications or those that prevent the use of soft materials for the seat. Since Crane is a custom manufacturer, the triple offset valves can have options for the materials such as Duplex steel, Hastelloy or Monel.

 The valve size can range from 3 inches to 48 inches with a single piece cast body type. The pressure ratings of these valves can range from Class 150 to Class 600. The seat ring is made of graphite or stainless steel. 

#5 Hayward Flow Control

Hayward Flow Control logo

Hayward Flow Control is an expert process control product manufacturer based in Clemmons, North Carolina. Founded in 1923, the company is a subsidiary of Hayward Industries, a maker of several types of thermoplastic valves. Hayward Flow Control is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Hayward Flow Control produces 5 kinds of butterfly valves, the sized of which can range from 2 inches up to 24 inches. The liners for these valves include PVV, CPVC, EPDM or Nitrile. These can come with level handles, gear operators and the likes.


There are many butterfly valve manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors out there. But they are not the same. By picking the top manufacturers for butterfly valves, you increase your chances of having a high-quality industrial valve. Apart from the USA, Europe and Asia can also supplies high performance butterfly valve. Italy is one of the main countries that manufacture valves. You can also consider butterfly valves in Italy and China. You can also find more great suppliers here in this complete guide to valve manufacturers in China.

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