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Best 10 Gate Valve Manufacturers in India

Oil and gas Industry transfer flowing processing plant with pipe line valves

The outlook for the Indian valve industry is bright; revenues from the industry are expected to double in the next few years according to a study. But the market is highly segmented with more than 600 companies. For the buyer, looking for great gate valve manufacturers can be like searching for a need in a haystack.

With that in mind, this article tackles the top gate valve manufacturers in India. These are narrowed down to 10 so choosing the right producer becomes easier.

#1 G M Engineering Pvt LTD.

GM Engineering logo

  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Trader
  • Established Year: 1996
  • Location: Gujarat, India
  • Certificates: CE Certificate, Fire Safe Test Certificate for API 6FA, Fire Safe Test Certificate for API 607

G M Engineering is a manufacturer of several types of industrial valves with a list of clients all over the world. Its gate valve line consists of three types: the standard gate valve, the conduit gate valve, and the knife-edge gate valve.

The standard gate valve can be used in several industries, including gas, air, and fuel. Made of stainless steel, valve sizes range from 15mm to 60mm and follows the Class 150 up to Class 2500. The end connections can be flanged, screwed, or welded. Buyers can choose which among the manual, pneumatic and electric actuators they want.

On the other hand, the cast gate valve is manually operated. Suitable for water applications, the ends are flanged and its body is made of cast steel. On the other hand, the knife-edge gate valve falls under ANSI Class 160 or PN 10. Its face to face dimensions follows the ASME B16.10 standards. Buyers can choose from manually operated actuators or pneumatic and electric.

#2 L&T Valves



  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 1961
  • Location: Chennai, India
  • Certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, CE Marking, ATEX, API 6D, API 600, API 609, API 594, SIL-3 Gate Valve

L&T Valves Limited is a subsidiary of Larsen and Toubro with more than 5 decades of experience. A leading expert in flow control solutions, L&T Valves provides services to several sectors including oil and gas, power, petrochemicals, defense, and aerospace.

The company facilities have machining equipment that calibrates and performs critical tests so its industrial valves are precision-made.  The valves the company offers covers almost all types from ball valves to double block and bleed plug valves.

The company’s gate valves are either have bolted bonnets or pressure-sealed bonnets with ANSI Class ranging from Class 150 up to Class 4500. Valve diameters can reach up to 1800mm. These valves are suitable for cryogenic applications. Low emission valves bellow-sealed valves are also available. L&T gate valves are SIL-3 capable and API monogrammed. 

#3 Amco Industrial Valves

Amco industry valve logo

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 1986 
  • Location: Tamil Nadu, India

Amco Industrial Valves believes that value does not mean premium as seen in its motto “A valve for every industrial application where you have to pay a premium for quality.” The company offers a wide array of industrial valves such as butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, among others.

The company manufactures standard gate valves but it specializes in knife-edge gate valves. Designed for isolation, Amco Industrial Valves services the paper and pulp industries, chemical and textile processing industries, Mining, Water and Wastewater Industries, among others.

Amco gate valves are made of cast iron that suits ANSI Class 150 with a wafer type disc for opening or closing. Valve size ranges from DN 50 – DN300. Gland packing is made of EPDM O-ring and graphite rope. Amco gate valves are all handwheel-operated.

#4 Hawa Valve

Hawa valves logo

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 1939
  • Location: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, API 6A (PSL 3G), API 6D, API 600, API 6DSS, API 609, Shell certification of Appreciation, CE/PED Certificate, Achilles Certificate, ATEX – Atmosphere Explosive, Fire-Safe Test Certificate for a whole range and variety of valve types, Star Export House status Certificate of Recognition accorded by Govt. of India, among others

Hawa is one of the leading industrial valve manufacturers that services the oil and gas hydrocarbon industry. It has a wide range of industrial valves. It has an extensive line of ball valves and gate valves.

It offers gate valves with sizes ranging from 2 inches to 88 inches. Hawa gate valves have pressure ratings from ASME Class 150 to Class 2500. The gate valves come in a variety of materials including carbon steel, austenitic and martensitic stainless steel, duplex steel and other types of alloys. 

The gate valves can be customized for cryogenic applications. The standard designs include the wedge disc in the bolted bonnet or pressure seal bonnet combinations, the parallel slide disc type in the bolted bonnet and pressure seal bonnet designs, and the conduit bolted bonnet with slab gate disc or expanding gate disc.

#5 Amtech 

Amtech logo

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 1985 
  • Location: Gujarat, India
  • Certificates:  

Amtech manufactures comprehensive industrial valves for a variety of industrial applications. They are positioned to deliver valves for commercial, residential and industrial use, encompassing oil and gas industries, power applications, cement services, and chemical applications.

One of the products the company produces is the gate valve. Pressure ratings of these gate valves range from ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 600 when the ends are flanged. If the ends are threaded, buttweld or socket weld, the pressure rating ranges from Class 800 to Class 2500. Materials for these gate valves are either cast steel or forged steel, depending on the valve pressure rating class. The company also offers a jacketed type of gate valve for highly critical services.

#6 VIP Valves

VIP valves logo

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 1978 
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Certificates:  API 598, BS 5146/6755

VIP Valves has been designing and manufacturing industrial valves for a little over forty years. Taking pride in company sound ethics and strong quality control, VIP Valves now offers maintenance valve services for gate valves.

VIP gate valves would fall into 2 main categories: those that are made of cast carbon steel and those that are made of forged carbon steel. The cast carbon steel gate valve has a bolted bonnet with a rising stem design. Manually operated and follows the ANSI Class 150, the cast carbon steel gate valve has flanged ends with grafoil-filled gasket and packing.

The forged steel gate valve also has a rising stem and bolted bonnet design but the ends are either screwed or socket weld. The forged steel gate valve has 2 types of ANSI pressure ratings: Class 300 and Class 800. The internal components are made of steel with grafoil-filled gasket and packing.  

#7 KHD Valves Automation Pvt Ltd

KHD valve logo

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 1990 
  • Location: Mumbai, India

KHD Valves Automation is a valve manufacturer based in Mumbai, India. It specializes in flow control valves. It also produces a wide array of industrial valves including the globe valve, level indicator valve, needle valve, and the gate valve.

KHD manufactures knife gate valves, threaded gate valves, bellow sealed gate valve, resilient gate valves, pressure seal gate valves and sliding gate valve. Lightweight and easy to install, all KHD gate valves have the maximum operating pressure of 142 psi. These are available in 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, and 90mm sizes. All gate valves are made of iron. 

#8 Bharat Industrial Valve

BTV logo

  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Trader, Distributor, Wholesaler
  • Established Year: 2010 
  • Location: Chennai, India
  • Certificates: ISO 9001:2015

Bharat Industrial Valve is a maker of several industrial valves like the ball valve, gate valve, among others. With the use of high-grade raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment, the company produces superior industrial valves.

There are 13 kinds of gate valves being manufactured by the company. It includes control gate valves, aluminum gate valves, knife gate valve, socket weld gate valve, and flanged end gate valve.  This line also features different kinds of materials for the valve body, including mild steel, aluminum, among others. The packing material is PTFE. The valve sizes range from 100mm to 300mm. The ends are flanged and classified as ANSI Class 150, Class 300 and Class 600.

#9 Hyper Valves

Hyper valve logo

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 2003
  • Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Hyper valves are in operation for over 15 years. Based in Gujarat, India, it manufactures different kinds of valves for a wide scope of applications in the industrial sector. The company’s gate valve line includes the forged steel type and cast steel type. 

The forged steel gate valve follows the API 602 and BS 5352 for the body and ASME B.16.34 for the pressure-temperature ratings. The forged steel gate valve can vary from 15mm to 50mm in diameter. 

Pressure ratings can be from ANSI Class 800, Class 1500, Class 2500 and Class 4500. End connections can be socket weld, butt-weld or screwed.  A reduced port, it can have bolted bonnet or welded bonnet design.

On the other hand, the cast steel type adheres to the API 600 or BS 1414 standards. The applications for this kind of valve includes distillery plants, oil, gas, and petrochemical, thermal and nuclear power plant, among others.

Pressure ratings can range from ANSI Class 150, Class 300 and Class 600. The valve diameter can be from 25mm to 300. It is a full port valve with flanged or butt-weld ends.

#10 Ashok Traders

Ashok logo

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 2002
  • Location: Gujarat, India

Ashok Traders been trading and manufacturing industrial valves particularly gate valves and ball valves. Gate valves from Ashok range from 15mm to 100mm with either screwed, socket weld of flanged ends. It is made from cast iron.


There is a demand for gate valves as more industries need tight shutoff valves. Gate valve manufacturers from China and India, have become great alternatives to otherwise expensive ones. Besides, you can also find top manufacturers in AmericaYou can also find more great suppliers here in this complete guide to valve manufacturers in China.

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