API ball valve

API Ball Valve

  • follow set specifications and manufacturing recommendations in terms of size and structural detailing
  • suitable for flow control in long pipelines, overpressure relief, and the detection of leaks


API 600 gate valve

API 600 ball valve

Bolted bonnet steel gate valves for API 600 petroleum and natural gas sectors. An API 600 gate valve has a large diameter (2–80 inches), a cast steel body, a hefty wall thickness, and a flat sealing surface between the gate and seat. API 600 allows full port cast valves.

API 602 Forged steel gate valve

API 602 ball valve

API 602 specifies four ′′ and smaller forged steel gate valve purchases. Valve design, construction, materials, and trim are defined. This standard also meets in Forged Steel Valves. The valve’s ISO pad top works design must be followed while designing gearboxes, actuators, and any necessary adapters.

Fire safe ball valve

API 607 ball valve

API 607 Certificated, reducing fugitive emissions and downstream leakage in fires. The valve’s secondary metal seat shuts off if a fire destroys the primary seats. Full port, split body ball valves meet ASME B16.34 for Class 150, 300, and 600. 2″ sizes have a lock to prevent accidental operation.

API 608 floating ball valve

API 608 ball valve

API 608 exceeds ASME B16.34, providing greater performance for the demanding petrochemical, power, oil, gas, and water treatment applications. Thickness and large driving trains are beneficial properties of the API 608 series. These features and high-performance materials make these valves appropriate for harsh environments and reliable in actuation applications.

API 6d ball valve

API 6d ball valve

API 6D includes pressure-rated pipeline ball valve design, manufacture, testing, and documentation. Seat leakage on the second seat on the other end of a factory-tested ball valve must pass the API 6D test in both directions. Customers can request a double block and bleed cavity drain test.

API 6a 10,000 ball valves

API 6a ball valves

  • API Specification 6A, the standard for wellhead and tree equipment, ensures safer, dimensionally /functionally interchangeable equipment. API 6A double-actuated drilling gate valve. Different design validation processes apply to performance requirement levels:

  • Material/temp/pressure-based testing and design is PR1.
  • PR2 is a higher-level validation design technique that consumers may require.

API Ball Valve: Product Overview

API Ball Valve Specifications

API Ball Valve Standards

Design and Manufacturing Standards

API 600, API 6D

Face to Face Standards

ASME B16.10

Flange Dimension Standards

ASME B 16.5, ASME B16.47

Pressure Test Standards

API 598, API 6D

Fire Safety Test Standards


Quality/Product Certifications

ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001

Fugitive Emissions

ISO 15848-1, API 622


NACE MR 0103 NACE MR 0175

API Standard: What does Ball Valve API Means?

API standard is set by the American Petroleum Institute, a regulatory body in the oil and gas industry. 

It sets standards for valves, pipeline size, and pipeline management protocols. 

An API ball valve is, valve used to open or cut off the flow of media in accordance with the standards set by the institute. 

API 6D Ball Valve Standard

API valve standards differ but the most prominent one is the API 6D.  Each of units delivers high standards of media flow management and is certified as a fire safe ball valve. Class 150, 300, 600, and 800 floating steel ball valves are purchased using API 608. Valve details; 500 NB (20″) refineries use API 608. API 6D trunnion-mounted pipeline ball valves.

API Ball Valves: Industrial Applications

  • Api ball valve for gas

Gas products have to be separated before they can be packaged or processed further. API ball valves are recommended for controlling their flow in such gas plant processes. 

  • oil flow control valve 

Manufacturers rely on pipelines to distribute petroleum products within certain radiuses. The ability of API ball valves to maintain required pipeline pressure within lengthy distances makes them ideal for this application.

  • Chemical ball valve 

Bulk production of chemicals requires reliable fluid management systems to control flow and maintain chemical integrity during processing and storage. The high design standards of API ball valves work well for such uses.

  • pipeline ball valve for Upstream and Midstream Hydrocarbon Processes 

Pipeline systems that handle petroleum raw materials need to be monitored and managed just as carefully as distribution pipelines. API ball valves can be used to achieve this as well as to maintain uniform flow standards at all levels of production.

Api 6d ball valve manufacturer

As a certified API ball valve manufacturer, XHVAL adheres to all these guidelines and maintains exceptional standards of production. API valves are rigorously inspected, tested, and documented before approval. While they are primarily designed for the petrochemical industry, their precision and efficiency also make them ideal for related sectors with similar needs.

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